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All The Things We Do To Sell Your Home:

Selling a house is a complicated process where you need professional help. The legal requirements are complex and without the assistance of an experienced Realtor, you could be risking considerable expense as a result of law-suits related to the requirements for full disclosure, regardless of whether or not you are aware of them at the time of sale . Similarly, it is essential that the multitude of documents related to the transaction are completed correctly, so that you are protected from future liability following close of escrow.


Guaranteed Service:
How many agents do you know that guarantee their service?


When you retain us as your Listing Agent, you can be assured that we will be looking after your best interests from Day 1. Listed below are just some of the many activities we carry out in getting your house sold.


Please Note:

None of the following actions costs you a cent until Close of Escrow. Then, and only then, are you liable for our sales commission, which will be paid by the escrow company out of the sale proceeds.


Pricing Recommendation:

Having discussed the detailed Comparative Market Analysis we prepare for you, we will suggest a price at which we believe it would be appropriate to list your home for sale. The final decision, is yours.

Staging®, Home Improvements:

We will suggest any cost-effective improvements that we think could be worth carrying out prior to placing your home for sale. These could include paint, carpet, landscaping and more. We will coordinate any work with contractors as appropriate.

Professional Presentation:

We will help you Stage® your home so that potential buyers can see it in it's best light. This could include "de-cluttering", removing valuable or personal items, the addition of carefully chosen accessories, even rearranging your furniture.

Multiple Listing Service: 

We will place your home on the Multiple Listing Service, which is searchable by all agents looking for listings in your area. This includes multiple full color photographs.

Internet Marketing: 

After the home is Staged® it will be featured on the web site which is getting over one million hits a month. 
We will also list it on the Keller William's web site at and as well as, Yahoo Real Estate and other web sites approved by the  Association of Realtors.

Print Advertising:

We will advertise your home for sale using a variety of advertising styles and print publications such as local papers and REALTOR® magazines.

Email Marketing:

We will email a "Virtual Brochure" to my database of over 200 real estate agents that actively work with buyers in the Bay Area as well as to all Keller Williams agents throughout the company.

Direct Mail:

We will send out at least 200 "Just Listed" postcards to targeted addresses in your neighborhood.

Direct Response Line:

We will make full details of your home's features available 24 hours a day to prospective buyers by calling a toll free 800 number, which will be prominently displayed on the For Sale sign and in advertisements.

Photo Tour:

We will place a Photo Tour of your home and its surroundings on the Internet with a number of interior and exterior photographs including panoramic views.


We will have high quality, double-sided full color brochures produced with multiple photos and lots of detail.


We will have a heavy duty post style For Sale sign, erected within a day of the home being listed for sale.

Lock Box:

We will install a lock box on your home so that agents can preview and show your home to potential buyers with a minimum of inconvenience to you.

Broker's Tour: 

We will hold Open House for other real estate agents in the area on the first Broker's Tour after the home is listed for sale.

Open Houses:

We will arrange for weekend Open Houses as frequently as you find convenient and these will be advertised in the local newspaper. We will issue personal invitations to the initial Open Houses to your neighbors suggesting that they tell their friends as this could be an opportunity to "Help choose your new neighbors".

Home Warranty:

We will help you choose the best Seller's Home Warranty to be placed on the home at the time of listing so that you will be insured against the breakdown of built-in appliances and mechanical systems while the home is on the market.


We will ensure that potential buyers are aware of the wide range of financing options available (including zero down loans up to $1m) by virtue of a close relationship we have with one of the areas top brokers.


We will interview and fully qualify all potential buyers of your home that contact us.

Status Reports:

We will provide you with weekly updates at all stages of the transaction from when it is listed for sale, through the close of escrow. This will include a summary of showings and feedback from other agents. We will always make sure that you are kept completely up to date regarding the status of your transaction and we will be available to discuss it with you. When you phone us, you will be speaking to us, not to an assistant!

Price Negotiation:

We will negotiate the terms of sale with buyer's agents on your behalf.


We will work with you in the completion and review of all paperwork including Listing documentation, purchase offers, counter offers, escrow instructions, disclosures, contingency removals and the myriad of other items related to a home sale.

Transaction Coordination:

We will assist in all stages of the transaction to closing including attending all inspections, coordinating repairs, reviewing net-sheets and pay-off demands and ensuring that funds are transferred.

We will do everything in our power to ensure that your transaction runs smoothly and that your move is trouble-free.


If you have any questions, please call us:



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